Built around the basins of the historic Penarth Docks Penarth Marina is now a thriving waterside development providing high quality residential accommodation coupled with a safe berth for resident or visiting craft with 24 hour access via the Cardiff Bay Barrage.

The Marina's location within the sheltered waters of Cardiff Bay provides an ideal centre from which to enjoy Cardiff Bay and to explore the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary and its many ports.

The closure of Penarth Dock in 1963 ended a significant period in the history of the town. However the 1980s witnessed a major revival following its acquisition by the Vale of Glamorgan Council. Part of the dock was emptied and turned into a refuse disposal site with a view to redevelopment at a later date whilst the remainder was earmarked for a marina development housing and other facilities which eventually developed into the existing  Marina.

The development of the Marina is inextricably linked with what is recognised as one of the major civil engineering feats of the late twentieth century - the construction of a barrage between South Cardiff and Penarth. Initially conceived in the 1980s the regeneration of Cardiff Bay including Penarth Dock and the area around the headland up to and including Penarth Pier was led by the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation. Whilst the major part of the Bay fell within Cardiff it included Penarth Dock and the area around the headland up to and including Penarth Pier. Described as Europe's most exciting waterfront development the barrage was completed in 1999 and responsibility for the Bay now rests with the Cardiff Harbour Authority whilst the Marina is managed by Quay Marinas Ltd.