The Penarth Railway Walk extends from Plymouth Road near Penarth town centre to Cosmeston Drive along part of the route of the old railway line which once ran from Penarth to Sully. British Rail withdrew the passenger service west of Penarth on 6 May 1968 following the notorious the Beeching Report and in November 1969, the remaining section also closed with the closure of the Snowcem cement works.

The section of disused trackbed from north of Alberta Place (south of Penarth station) through Lower Penarth and towards Lavernock was turned into a rural railway walk and cycle path but, although well used by the local community, was not well maintained and the vegetation on either side of the central path became an unofficial rubbish dump.

Then in November 2016, a group of volunteers set about cleaning up the popular walk. The newly created Railway Walk Group, assisted by Penarth Tourism and Visitor Association, and supported by the Vale of Glamorgan Council organised an Action Day for Saturday, November 19 in which a huge amount of the accumulated rubbish was removed with the aid of many volunteers and friends.

The Railway Walk volunteers, now with the direct support of the Penarth Civic Society, have also planted large numbers of daffodils along the walk, numbers of saplings in some of the barer areas, and erected bird boxas in the many trees that line the route.

Further plantings of saplings will continue and other exciting proposals are being considered to ensure the Railway Walk is established as one of Penarth's key attractions for local residents and visitors to the town.

The Railway Walk now has its own Facebook Group and a link to the latest Google Streetview is provided below.